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Integrate advanced surgical techniques to facilitate safe surgery.

Dr Michael Cheng is committed to minimally invasive technique, including keyhole approach to thyroid, parathyroid, as well as adrenal surgery. This approach reduces pain and length of scar, with the usual length of hospital stay between 1 -2 nights. As a high volume surgeon, Dr Michael Cheng brings experience and a friendly approach to Endocrine surgery.

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Optimise cosmetic outcome of breast cancer surgery by integrating principles of oncoplastic surgery.

Dr Michael Cheng is an experienced oncoplastic breast surgeon who is passionate about bringing the best cosmetic and oncologic outcome in breast conserving surgery, for both small and large breast cancers. As a high volume surgeon, Dr Michael Cheng treats breast cancer patients with compassion and facilitates the best possible outcome.

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Something about Dr Michael Cheng

Dr Michel Cheng is a well-established Breast & Endocrine Surgeon, with over 22 years of experience, involving over 10,000 surgical cases. Having graduated with honours from Monash University in 1992, Dr Cheng became the first in his graduate class to become a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in General Surgery in 2001.

Three further years of advanced Breast & Endocrine fellowship then took place in Australia and the United Kingdom. As an early pioneer of the latest technical advances in surgery, Dr Cheng was one of the first Breast & Endocrine surgeon to perform ultrasound guided biopsies in his office for selected cases. He has mentored and instructed other surgeons in several ultrasound courses.

Dr Cheng provides thorough pre-operative assessment and personal post-operative care. As a high volume surgeon with four operating list in a week. In private and in public, Dr Cheng provides expertise and experience in his diagnostic workup and surgical treatment in an integrated approach.

Dr Cheng’s passion include minimally invasive surgery for thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal cases, as well as oncoplastic breast surgery – integrating plastic techniques and safe cancer surgery to provide optimal cosmetic outcome. Performing and supervising over 600 cases a year, Dr Cheng’s experience brings safety and optimal outcome to your surgery.

Dr Cheng aims to deliver the best outcomes with experience, skill and compassion.

Highly Passionate and Committed Team

  • Best Care Surgeon Michael Cheng

    Dr Michael Cheng MBBS (Hon), FRACS, CCPU

    Breast & Endocrine
    Specialist Surgeon

  • Radiologist

  • Endocrinologist

  • Best Care Surgeon Michael Cheng

    Dr Michael Cheng MBBS (Hon), FRACS, CCPU

    Breast & Endocrine
    Specialist Surgeon

  • Breast Care Nurse

  • Oncologist

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Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Following a landmark study in the 1970’s, lumpectomy with postoperative radiotherapy has become accepted as the standard of care, conferring similar survival rate to mastectomy. The accepted wisdom for decades is to offer lumpectomy for small and favourably located tumours, while larger tumour and those close to the nipple are treated with mastectomy.

Oncoplastic surgery extended the boundary of lumpectomy by offering breast conserving approach to larger tumour, including those close to the nipple. By integrating plastic surgical principles with safe oncologic resection, oncoplastic surgery can result in a better breast shape and minimises defects and nipple displacement associated with traditional lumpectomy.

As an oncoplastic surgeon, Dr Cheng is able to optimise cosmetic outcome in most breast cancers large and small. He is trained in lattisimus dorsi muscle flap reconstruction; breast reduction techniques; as well as lifting of the nipple (mastopexy).

For patients who require mastectomy, including those with genetic predisposition, Dr Cheng offers skin preserving mastectomy with lattisimus dorsi muscle flap reconstruction for selected patients.

Breast cancer management is optimised by team approach. All breast cancer patients treated by Dr Cheng will have access to his breast care nurse either in his private practice or in affiliated hospitals. Breast cancer cases will be discussed in a multidisciplinary meeting, with oncologists, pathologists and radiologists.

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Mini Thyroid Surgery

Utilising a magnifying loop with headlight, Dr Cheng makes the smallest possible incision to remove the thyroid gland, either in part or in total.

Apart from a better cosmetic outcome, patient experienced less pain. The majority are discharged home on day 1 or 2. The laryngeal nerves (nerves that supply the voice box muscles) are better preserved.

Dr Cheng uses harmonic scissors, which renders thyroid surgery safe and by and large bloodless. Drain tubes are usually unnecessary for the majority of Dr Cheng’s patients.

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Keyhole Thyroid Surgery

Dr Cheng is the first surgeon in Melbourne to perform keyhole thyroid surgery without a neck incision. Three small incisions made under the arm pit and in the areola of the breast. Thyroid nodule is then removed using advanced keyhole instruments.

Not every case is suitable for this technique, which will take twice as long as the standard mini approach. You can ask Dr Cheng about this approach if you are interested in avoiding a neck scar.

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Mini Parathyroid Surgery

There is no effective medical cure for primary hyperparathyroidism. Surgery is the only cure.

If an abnormal parathyroid gland is localised on nuclear medicine parathyroid scan, a mini incision could take place. The majority would go home the next day.

For lesion which are failed to localise on scans, neck exploration via a standard neck incision may be required. All 4 parathyroid glands are examined, and abnormal ones are removed.

Most patients are discharged home the next day.

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Keyhole Adrenal Surgery

The adrenal gland is an endocrine organ, capable of producing hormones - powerful blood borne messengers which trigger distant tissues into actions. It comes in pair located just above the kidneys

Common adrenal pathology include:-
  1. Excess Cortisol production (Cushing's syndrome): Typical clinical features include: truncal obesity, skin striae, easy bruising, buffalo humps. The risks of diabetes, high blood pressure and cataract are increased.

  2. Excess Aldosterone (Conn’s syndrome): led to high blood pressure.

  3. Excess adrenaline or noradrenaline: dangerously elevated blood pressure which can be episodic, sometimes associated with headache, nausea and sweating.

  4. Adrenal lump: found on abdominal ultrasound or CT performed for evaluation of unrelated symptoms. Some of these could be cancerous.

Dr Cheng performs advanced keyhole adrenal surgery through laparoscopic or retroperitoneal approach. Most patients are discharged home the next day.

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Dr Michael Cheng
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